Published quarterly by Subaru of America, Inc., Drive Magazine brings its readers a variety of features in every issue, including compelling feature stories, accurate and in-depth technical information, safety tips, and Subaru news and community service efforts.

A listing of the departments found in Drive:

Feature Stories
A selection of our most interesting and
thought-provoking feature stories.
The Subaru Difference
Learn about the company’s commitment
to putting the customer first in all matters.
It's What Makes a Subaru, a Subaru
In-depth information on your vehicle’s
inner workings, straight from the source.
Road Trips
Hit the open road and visit fascinating destinations with some of the nation’s top travel writers.
Owner Spotlight
Meet interesting, exceptional, and
out-of-the-ordinary Subaru drivers.
Subaru News
The latest news and updates from
Subaru of America, Inc.
Your Turn
Letters from Drive readers.
Calendar of Events
Helping you stay up to date with
events of interest nationwide.
Subaru in the Community
Details of the company’s ongoing commitment
to community improvement.
Quick Stops
A selection of tips to keep you and your Subaru moving down the road safely and easily.
Online Exclusives
A selection of articles written exclusively for online readers.