Subaru DriveSubaru DriveSubaru Drive   Fall 2003

Learning Curves: WRX STi Training

Subaru sales consultants learn about the new WRX STi, driving it on the race track and studying it in the classroom.

In the Driver’s Seat: A Conversation with Takao Saito, Chairman, President and CEO of Subaru of America
Road Trips: Lewis an Clark –
Best of the Trail
Celebrating 35 Years: Subaru History from 1996 into the Present
What’s Inside: Axle Shaft Joint
Owner Service: Countdown to Better Fuel Economy
In the Community: Active Viewing
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Mountain Biking in the Back Country
Training for Performance – Sales Consultants Learn More about the WRX STi
Subaru and World Rallying
Recognition for a Job Well Done – Subaru Baja
In Memoriam: Subaru Remembers Rally Racers Roger Freeman and Mark Lovell
Subaru Rally Team USA (SRTUSA) First at Pikes Peak
Subaru Forester Performs Best Among Small SUVs
What’s Lance Doing?
MS Bike Tour®
Subaru National Science Teaching Awards Winners
Subaru Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race Update