A selection of tips to keep you and your Subaru moving down the road safely and easily.

Quick Stops Stories:

Winter 2011
Five Things to Remember When Driving in Winter Weather Winter 2011
Outside Temperature Indicator Winter 2011
Brake Warning Light Winter 2011
Product Spotlight: 110 v Power Outlet Winter 2011

Fall 2010
Prepare for Fall and Winter Fall 2010
Falling Leaves – Beautiful, but Dangerous! Fall 2010
Added Cargo Space and Utility for Outback Fall 2010
October is Fall Car Care Month Fall 2010
Winter Driving Tips Fall 2010

Summer 2010
Summer Vehicle Checklist Summer 2010
Warm Weather Reminder: Check the Air Pressure in Your Tires Summer 2010
Fuel-Saving Tips Summer 2010
Product Spotlight: Hitch-Mounted Bike Carrier Summer 2010
Tips for Cleaning Window Glass Summer 2010
14 Things That Should Always Be in Your Vehicle Summer 2010

Spring 2010
Go Orange for Animals Spring 2010
Dangerous Mistakes Made While Driving Spring 2010
April is National Car Care Month Spring 2010
2010 Outback Cross Bars Spring 2010
Share the Road Spring 2010
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Spring 2010

Winter 2010
Winterizing Winter 2010
Clear Your Windows! Winter 2010
Cold Weather Reminder: Check the Air Pressure in Your Tires Winter 2010
Vehicle Need Service? Winter 2010
Product Spotlight: Bi-directional Remote Start System Winter 2010

Fall 2009
Spark Plug Maintenance Fall 2009
October – Fall Car Care Month Fall 2009
Leaves – Slippery When Wet Fall 2009
Hands on the Steering Wheel Fall 2009
Medications and Driving Fall 2009
Product Spotlight: Media Hub Fall 2009

Summer 2009
HomeLink® Support Summer 2009
Inside Rearview Mirror Adjustment Summer 2009
15 Ways to Make Driving in Sun Glare Safer Summer 2009
top 10 Driving Hazards and Challenges that Scare People the Most Summer 2009
Product Spotlight: Genuine Subaru Oil Filter Features Summer 2009
Improve Fuel Economy Summer 2009

Spring 2009
Charging Your New-Generation iPod® Spring 2009
Warmer Weather Reminder: Cenck Your Vehicle Tire Air Pressure Spring 2009
Search for Point of Interest (POI) Spring 2009
Be Prepared for Travel Emergencies Spring 2009
Subaru Partners with CARFAX® in CARFAX Service Link Program Spring 2009
April – National Car Care Month Spring 2009
Windshield Wiper Blades Spring 2009

Winter 2009
Read a Subaru “Best-Seller” Winter 2009
Clear Vision Winter 2009
Winter Driving with Advanced Automotive Technology Winter 2009
Travel with Tweens Winter 2009
Road Trip Recommendations Winter 2009
Don’t Play Games with Your Gas Gauge, Winter Edition Winter 2009
Air Your Spare Winter 2009

Fall 2008
Subaru Added Security Extended Service Agreement Fall 2008
Accessory Auto-Dimming Mirror Fall 2008
Biannual Service Reminder – October is National Car Care Month Fall 2008
For a “Greener” Vehicle Fall 2008
Caution: Work Zones Fall 2008
Helpful Tips for the Genuine Subaru Remote Start System Fall 2008
Recycle Used Motor Oil Fall 2008

Summer 2008
Navigation System Tips Summer 2008
Check Engine Warning Light Summer 2008
Prepare Your Vehicle for Summer Summer 2008
Nine Signs of Pothole Damage to Your Vehicle Summer 2008
My.Subaru Summer 2008

Spring 2008
Power-Steering Fluid Spring 2008
April Is National Car Care Month Spring 2008
Towing with Tribeca Spring 2008
Manual Removal of Improperly Inserted Discs (2008 and Newer Impreza and 2009 and Newer Forester Models) Spring 2008
Anti-lock Braking System Driving Tips Spring 2008

Winter 2008
Two Good Reasons to Have Your Subaru Serviced at a Subaru Dealership Winter 2008
Settings for Subaru Impreza and Legacy Vehicles Equipped with SRS Audio Capability Winter 2008
2008 Subaru Impreza Ready for iPod® Winter 2008
Don’t Play Games with Your Gas Gauge Winter 2008
Insure Your Subaru with Subaru Advantage Insurance Winter 2008
Nine Ways to Avoid Trouble in Parking Facilities Winter 2008

Fall 2007
Cold-Weather Driving Fall 2007
October is National Car Care Month Fall 2007
Navigation Mapping Suggestions Fall 2007
Buckle Up America Fall 2007
In Praise and Care of the Lowly Valve Stem Cap Fall 2007

Summer 2007
Five Ways to Preserve a High-Mileage Subaru and Keep it Running Summer 2007
Parking Light Switch Summer 2007
Seasonal Filter Change Reminder Summer 2007
New Battery Replacement Warranty Summer 2007
Legacy and Outback Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Summer 2007
2008 Subaru Model Names Summer 2007

Spring 2007
Satellite Radio Capability Spring 2007
National Car Care Month Spring 2007
10 Things to Check on Your Vehicle During National Car Care Month Spring 2007
Check Your Belts and Hoses Spring 2007
Vehicle Maintenance and My.Subaru.com Spring 2007
Playing with CDs Spring 2007

Winter 2007
Genuine Subaru Coolant Winter 2007
Subaru Battery-Testing Diagnostic System Winter 2007
Using the AUX Jack Winter 2007
Don’t Lose Your Tags! Winter 2007
Satellite Radio Winter 2007
Rear Dome/Reading Light for 2007 Legacy, Outback, and B9 Tribeca Winter 2007
Changing Oil and Oil Filters Winter 2007

Fall 2006
Seven Indicators of Potential Battery Failure Fall 2006
Alignment Reminder! Fall 2006
Avoid Being Stuck with a Dead Battery Fall 2006
B9 Tribeca Wiper Safety Facts Fall 2006
Regular or Premium Fuel? Fall 2006
Subaru Rally and Tuning on DVD Fall 2006

Summer 2006
top 10 Contributing Factors in Car Crashes and Near Misses Summer 2006
No Power Loss! Summer 2006
Car Care Packages Summer 2006
2007 B9 Tribeca Accessories Summer 2006
Oil Requirements Summer 2006
Five Facts About Windshields Summer 2006

Spring 2006
Proposed EPA Fuel Economy Estimates Spring 2006
April is National Car Care Month Spring 2006
B9 Tribeca Spare Tire Spring 2006
The State of Navigation Spring 2006
Driving in Fog Spring 2006
Seatbelt Hang-Ups Spring 2006

Winter 2006
What to do in a Skid Winter 2006
Blades for Winter Winter 2006
Put Your Cell on ICE – Stay Cool in Case of an Emergency Winter 2006
Keeping it Straight Winter 2006
Illumination Brightness Control Winter 2006
Second-Row Seat Legroom Winter 2006

Fall 2005
Finding Roadside Assistance Fall 2005
Loading CDs in the Six-Disc Changer Fall 2005
Have Electroluminiscent Gauges? Fall 2005
Question: What is the Leading Cause of Collisions? Fall 2005
Popular Impreza Accessories Fall 2005
Temporary Spares and Fuses Fall 2005
Blown a Fuse? Fall 2005
Air Filter Kit for 2005 Legacy Fall 2005
Quick Quiz – Air Filtration System Fall 2005

Summer 2005
6 Ways to Improve Mileage Summer 2005
Wiper Blades – Change Is Good Summer 2005
Visibility and the B9 Tribeca’s Multifunction Screen Summer 2005
Towing Package/Towing Capacity Summer 2005
Crossbars Summer 2005
Puddle Lamps Summer 2005
Auto-Dimming Mirror/Compass Summer 2005

Spring 2005
Better Understanding Your Remote Spring 2005
More About Tires – Rolling Resistance Coefficient (RRC) Spring 2005

Winter 2005
Driving in Fog Winter 2005
When the Road’s a Stage Winter 2005
If You’re Involved in an Accident Winter 2005
Legacy Wagon Cross Bars Winter 2005
Using Head Restraints Winter 2005
Driving with Young Children Winter 2005
A Layered Approach to Vehicle Security Winter 2005
Keyless Entry System with Immobilizer Winter 2005

Fall 2004
Legacy and Outback Wagon Accessories Fall 2004
Wagon-Style Storage Fall 2004
The Right Way to Wash Fall 2004
Question and Answer Fall 2004

Summer 2004
Keyless Entry System with Immobilizer Summer 2004
Trailer Towing Summer 2004
Compartment Separator Summer 2004
Accessories for 2005 Legacy and Outback Summer 2004
Security Features Summer 2004

Spring 2004
Driver Distractions Spring 2004
Aging Drivers Spring 2004
Don’t Veer for Deer Spring 2004
Remote Keyless Entry Characteristics Spring 2004
Warning Lights – What Do They Mean? Spring 2004
Customer/Dealer Service Question and Answer Spring 2004
Towing a Subaru Vehicle Spring 2004
Occupant Safety Equipment – Sunscreen Spring 2004

Winter 2004
Lock and Run Winter 2004
Safe Passage Through Parking Lots Winter 2004
Know Your Limits – The Subaru Powertrain Limited Warranty Winter 2004
Subaru Accessories – Hood Protectors Winter 2004
The People Behind Customer Service Winter 2004
Tie It Up Winter 2004
A Key to Starting Winter 2004

Fall 2003
Remote Keyless Entry Fall 2003
Keeping an Emergency Camera
in Your Subaru
Fall 2003
Tips for Subaru Roof Rail
and Crossbars
Fall 2003
Which Octane? Fall 2003
Warning: Exit Cautiously Fall 2003
Deer Prudence Fall 2003
Holding Back Fall 2003

Summer 2003
Protect Your Pet Summer 2003
Owners Ask: Answers From The Subaru Contact Center Summer 2003
Cruising Safely or Cruise Control:
When To Turn It Off
Summer 2003
Accessories Corner: FAQs About the
In-Dash 6-CD Changer
Summer 2003

Winter 2003
Parking Solutions Winter 2003
Caution for Compact Disc Players Winter 2003

Fall 2002
Hang Onto Your Cell Phone! Fall 2002
Child Seat Safety Solution Fall 2002
Owners Ask: Answers from the Subaru Contact Center Fall 2002