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Attic with Forklift
Painted in Subaru World Rally Championship colors, the Subaru “Attic’s” fork lift celebrates the company’s rally heritage.

A Peek In The Attic
Part One
On Subaru grounds in New Jersey, a dozen-and-a-half vehicles stored under car covers in a warehouse quietly represent the company’s heritage in the United States.

At Drive magazine, we had heard that Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) has a small fleet of vehicles stored in what is called its “museum.” It’s more like an attic where the story of a person’s past can be told from special items as they are uncovered and remembered. Here’s a peek at some of the vehicles found in the Subaru attic – vehicles that helped form the character of Subaru today.

Special thanks to Carlos Pinho of the Administrative Services group for his assistance with the photography and to Kiven Reynolds of the Service Engineering department for his memories and his invaluable collection of manuals and brochures.

Subaru Attic Gallery
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Except for project vehicles in temporary storage, the historic Subaru treasures stored in the “attic” are covered.

Removing the storage covers reveals a number of recent and early Subaru models and concepts.
  The Subaru 360 started it all for Subaru of America.